Video Catechism of the Catholic Church

Korean Version

✓ The “Video Catechism of the Catholic Church”(Korean Version) was launched as a need for visual material in catechesis emerged through a research project carried out by the Catholic Pastoral Institute of Korea(CPIK), “Diagnosis and Improvement of Problems in catechesis for catechumen”(2017). Then the CPIK and the CPBC(Catholic Peace Broadcasting Corporation) produced this Video Catechism jointly. It was finally approved in the CBCK 2020 Autumn General Assembly.

✓ The “Video Catechism of the Catholic Church”(English Version with English dubbing and subtitles) has been translated into English with 47 clips of Korean edition in full. Therefore, please be noted that the specific circumstances of Catholic Church in Korea are reflected in them.

✓ The arrangement of this Video Catechism is different from that of the Catechism of the Catholic Church, and was produced as a support material to be used in the catechesis. Therefore, it is recommended that priests, religious, and catechists fully explain the content of the Catechism and utilize this video to support catechisis in the Catechumenate, re-education of the faithful, and Sunday school catechesis.

✓ The entire clips of the ‘Video Catechism of the Catholic Church’ can be watched online:

✓ If you have any comments or suggestions on this Video Catechism, please do not hesitate to contact the CPIK via email(